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Russian brides: their magnetic appeal explained

The stereotyped image of Russian women which includes beauty, sex appeal, seductiveness, but also a willingness to please their men, makes them utterly irresistible to men everywhere. Especially if one has never had a chance to meet Russian girls, he fantasizes about them, giving them qualities that are almost out of this world. Although Russian women’s beauty is a known fact, one might wonder if they have anything else to offer. Anyone interested in a long-term relationship or marriage would ask himself “do Russian women make good wives?” Are they more than just a pretty face and a gorgeous body? Here, we’ll provide you with an insight into Russian women’s allure and charm and explain what other qualities they possess, especially when it comes to personality, moral values, etc. We will describe their typical behavior as wives and mothers and let you take a short quiz to find out if you’re the man for a Russian wife. Finally, we’ll give you a tour guide of dating services available online and warn you about things to look out for to avoid fraud.

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General information on Russian mail order brides

Why does a Russian woman become a mail order bride? What drives her to embark on such an uncertain journey, one that will lead her across the globe, to a different culture and an entirely unfamiliar environment? Is it the desire for adventure, a search for love, or merely economic reasons? What frightens any prospective American groom is the possibility that his new wife will use him to get a visa and then leave him at the earliest opportunity. Let’s discuss in some detail the Russian brides’ motivation for resorting to looking for a husband online. Like all young women, they dream about a knight in shining armor to come and rescue them from misery and lead them to the bright future that awaits them. They are not actually miserable, just unable to attain the social status and economic wealth they long for. Especially if they come from a town other than Moscow or St. Petersburg, they are bound to live a rather modest and disadvantaged life with little hope for improvement. Financial difficulties and desire to live a more comfortable life than the one they could expect if marrying locally are both significant motivators for them to contact a dating agency.

Also, there is a remarkable disproportion between the number of men and women in Russia so that women are more numerous by a significant margin. Moreover, Russian men show little appreciation of their wives, take them for granted, and do not respect them sufficiently. If given a chance, any Russian women would instead choose someone considerate, thoughtful, and understanding, even if they have to go halfway across the world to meet them. The craving for love and kindness is universal, so it is hardly a surprise that Russian women for marriage are longing for these warm human emotions as well. In return, they will surround their husbands with so much gentle affection that they will cherish every single moment spent together. They understand clearly that marriage is all about giving and receiving and are eager to reciprocate any amount of attention given to them. No need to worry that they will ignore you or become self-absorbed as it sometimes happens in marriages with American women. Russian wives remain loyal and devoted to their husbands no matter what hardship life throws at them. They will never abandon their men in times of crisis, to the contrary – they will stick by them and support them every step of the way to recovery. 

For beautiful Russian women who marry American men, this brings a change in social status as well. Instead of being satisfied with leading a humble life similar to that of their parents, they dream about moving up the social hierarchy. There’s nothing wrong about wanting good things in life and aiming to move upwards instead of maintaining a status quo typical of the families into which they were born.

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Hot Russian brides – beyond physical appearance

Naturally, marrying an attractive woman is something most men would love to do, but are Russian women brides just pretty faces and stunning bodies? Definitely not! Although there’s no such thing as a Russian type of personality, most Russian girls tend to have some character features in common. They result from their patriarchal upbringing and how they were taught to behave from a young age. First of all, they are feminine in all aspects, not just the way they look or dress, but also how they conduct themselves, especially in public. Their physical appearance is perfect at all times which comes from investing time and energy into grooming activities, as well as from exercising and eating healthily. 

As great cooks, they will prepare home-made meals every day and make sure that their husband and children eat healthy and nutritious food. They are not in the habit of ordering fast food or eating out often when they are perfectly capable of cooking the most delicious dish from scratch. However, when you do take them out to dinner, they will be gracious and well-mannered so that no restaurant could be too classy for them. They will instantaneously make all heads turn as they enter any room. Their unusual beauty will capture everyone’s attention making everybody stare at them for a bit before returning to what they were doing previously. Almost unaware of the effect they produce on their surrounding, hot Russian brides will go about their business while you enjoy standing next to such staggering beauty.

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What is it like to share a life with a Russian bride?

Going on a date with someone or enjoying good times together is one thing, sharing your life as a married couple is another. While you’re dating, you would probably be eager to have the most attractive woman by your side. When deciding on a person to share your life with, other qualities become more important. You might ask yourself:

  • What could it be like to wake up every morning next to a woman from the Russian brides club?
  • Would you have anything to talk to her or will she be a shallow creature who’s all about her looks?
  • Would you want to have children with her and would she be a good mother?
  • Would your marriage last or will she leave you as soon as she obtains a legal status?

When it comes to waking up in the morning, Russian mail order brides are not inclined to sleeping in and spending most of their days in bed. They will silently sneak out of the bedroom while you’re still asleep, brew some coffee, and put together a tasty morning snack for you to enjoy as you open your eyes. Does anything feel cozier than the smell of home-made pastry and coffee in the morning? Not many things do! 

As far as the topics for conversation go, that’s another issue about which you don’t have to worry. Most mail order Russian brides are well-educated and have broad interests so that you can chat with them about anything. You can ever run your business ideas by them, and there’s an excellent chance that they will offer meaningful insight. Even if at first a language barrier can present an obstacle, this will soon be overcome and no longer get in the way of your communication. 

Having children with your young Russian bride is something that will come naturally. You will soon learn what exquisite mother she is and you’ll be reassured that your children are perfectly safe with her. She will not rely on the help of babysitters in rearing her children. She will be more than happy to put her own life on hold for the time being and focus on providing her babies the best upbringing they could have. Once the children are grown and spend more time at school or doing extracurricular activities, she will pay more attention to her own needs that got neglected for a while. 

However, no matter how much work there is to do around the house or tending to children and their requirements, you will never feel neglected. Even if exhausted from a long day doing house chores and taking care of children, she will put in an effort to look beautiful for you in the evening. Beautiful Russian brides never nag or needlessly badger their husbands with complaints about their day. Coming home from a hard day at work, you will be greeted by a smiling wife who’ll have a dinner ready for you and enthusiasm to talk about how you spent your day. 

If you worry about all good things having to come to an end, we’ll reassure you once more. Marriages made through an international dating agency tend to last much longer and have lower divorce rates than other marriages. To prevent women from getting married to American men for visa purposes only, we carefully check their motivation. All those suspected of ulterior motives are not allowed to enter the agency’s database. So when you marry a Russian lady, there’s a significant amount of certitude that she is as interested in staying married to you as you are.

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Quiz: Are you a man to marry a Russian woman?

Answer these questions as sincerely as possible to determine if marrying a Russian bride is something that would suit you.

  1. Are you in favor of upholding traditional male and female societal roles and more specifically different roles of men and women in a family?
  2. Do you enjoy taking the lead and being the head of the family?
  3. Is it ok with you to be the sole breadwinner of the family?
  4. Do you appreciate women who go to great lengths to look beautiful for their husbands?
  5. Do you prefer home cooking to eating out?
  6. Is family one of the essential things in your life?
  7. Are you prepared to surprise your wife with small gifts and signs of appreciation?
  8. Are you willing to learn a few things about Russian culture to understand your Russian wife better?
  9. Is it imperative for you to marry a woman who will take care of you the same way your mother did when you were a boy?
  10. Are you ready to invest in your looks for the sole purpose of keeping up with your gorgeous wife?

If you answered at least five of these questions with a yes, Russian mail order wives are just what you need. Namely, hot Russian women are taught by their parents that men and women have different but equally important roles in a family. They expect their husband to be the primary breadwinner and to be in charge of making all critical decisions in the family. They are meticulous about how they look and like their husbands to be well-groomed too. They are excellent cooks and make a point of serving a freshly cooked meal every day. Family is the most important thing for them, and their life feels incomplete if they are not wives and mothers. Russian women are thankful for your gifts since they show how much you appreciate them. Don’t expect to buy a Russian bride by offering her expensive things as she considers this extravagant and wasteful. A simple flower or a book by her favorite author will suffice. Also, if you address her a word or two in Russian or show some interest in her hometown, she will be very pleased and reward you with a big smile. Finally, taking care of her husband and children comes naturally to a Russian woman. She’ll make sure you are all well-dressed, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. If you have problems at work or if children get in trouble at school, she’ll always be there to listen to what had happened and to offer a motherly advice.

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How to choose a reliable website for online dating?

Thousands of single men and women are trying to find a romantic partner online. In a multitude of matchmaking sites, it’s difficult to sort out which ones are legitimate as opposed to those that are just after your money. Photos posted on a dating website can be rather explicit or provocative especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship and not just a short affair with no strings attached. Also, you might find the pictures of single Russian women too good to be true. Although they can be digitally altered, this is not necessarily the case. 

Most Russian women online, those in their twenties and forties alike, really look stunning. What you might find unrealistically beautiful is indeed that Slavic beauty that has inspired so many poets and novelists. You can believe the legend saying that in medieval Russia only the most hideous women were considered to be witches and got burned, while the beautiful ones lived to produce offspring. Precisely the opposite happened in Western Europe where the prettiest girls were accused of witchcraft and destroyed. Whether this is the reason for the decisive prevalence of good-looking women in Eastern Europe or some other factors are responsible for it, will probably never be determined. Be that as it may, most men dream of having an opportunity to date Russian women.

So now you know that Russian beauty is more than a myth, it’s a reality you’ll soon witness with your own eyes if you start online dating Russian women. However, fraudulent websites do exist, and you should be on the lookout for any signs of a scam. You probably know better than to disclose your credit card information on an insecure server. Other personal information is also best kept for yourself, at least until you’ve made sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate agency. Testimonials from other men, who had successfully used the services of this website to find a woman to match their preferences can set your mind at ease. 

As Jonathan from California so eloquently put it:

“I was reluctant to try some of these matchmaking agencies at first. I thought to myself – they’re con artists trying to get my money. Besides, how can they possibly find a woman for me when I don’t even know what I’m looking for? As it turns out, they knew it before I did. After I’ve filled in a questionnaire online, they were able to tell exactly what type of woman would suit me. They introduced me to Katja, and the rest is history. We’ve been married for two years now and have a beautiful baby girl”. 

If, like Jonathan, you’re also hesitant to use matchmaking services to find a soul mate, hopefully, the following lines will make you feel more comfortable about it. Our agency goes to a great length to discourage fraudulent individuals from registering. All Russian girls looking to find husbands overseas are checked for their credentials after they had applied for a membership with us. A team of our employees is charged with visiting the young women in their homes, meeting their families, and making sure everything is legitimate. All girls are required to be over the legal age for marriage which is 18 years. Their high-school or college degrees also get inspected, and they are asked to produce a clean bill of health. One might argue that this constitutes an invasion of privacy, but we like to be thorough. If everything gets checked in advance, fewer problems can arise later, which is beneficial for all parties concerned. 

After you’d told us about your preferences in an online survey, several women profiles that meet your criteria will be presented to you. All that’s required of you is look through their profiles carefully and decide on the ones you would like to meet. The first message exchanged with a chosen lady is on the house. After that you will be charged a fee depending on the service package you opted for. If a girl is not fluent enough in English, we’ll be happy to provide a translator to make sure your communication runs smoothly. There are various opportunities for online conversation, such as text messaging, video chat, or e-mail. You can use all of them or opt for the ones you find the most convenient. 

Some of the women you’ll get in touch with are quite talkative. Others might appear shy or timid but keep this in mind: Russian women are not inclined to speak just for the sake of it. They prefer to let you lead the conversation, and they will only speak when they have something important to say. Being well-read they will be great to talk to on any given subject, from fashion to literature, and from sport to technical engineering. You’ll be surprised how vast their knowledge is. However, they will never splash it around. They are taught that it’s impolite to brag and no respectable young lady would allow herself to sing her own praises, so to speak.  

Hopefully, this article has made online dating become less of uncharted territory for you so that you will consider trying it in future. If one of your boyhood dreams was to meet an exotic beauty or even marry her, perhaps you should start by dating Russian brides online. We guarantee you that this experience will be so rewarding that it will change your life forever. In years to come, you will be glad to have overcome this hesitant phase and proceeded to a fulfilling life with a person you would have never met otherwise. Your Russian wife will introduce you to an existence filled with love and gentle affection, one that you never even thought possible. A nice cozy home and a beautiful family will always be there to greet you when you come home from work, and everything will make much more sense than before. 

Russian mail order wives are just what single American men need to bring joy and happiness to their lives. Using our dating website is an excellent way to meet one of them. We hope to have answered some of your questions and dilemmas concerning online dating, but should you find yourself with some questions remaining unanswered, please contact our support team.

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