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Finding the Best Asian Brides for Marriage

Hot Asian women have captivated Western men for centuries, but only in the last couple of decades has it become possible to meet — and even marry — them easily. Still, even though men from all over the globe may want to meet Asian women, it still does not mean everyone plans to get seriously involved. Here, in the West, we tend to believe that marriage will drastically change our life — and not necessary for the better. While Asian women dating is a highly popular trend, some single gentlemen still have their doubts about popping the question. And we are here to dispel them for good. Below, we will tell you all you need to know about online marriage industry. Trust us, there is no reason to stay single when you can take an Asian bride for a wife.  

Asian mail order brides: who they are?

Last Updated: August 2018
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People often confuse Asian mail order brides with some impoverished women who are ready to marry anyone who would provide for them. In practice, there is no bargain — not a financial one, at least. Mail order brides are simply women looking for a husband abroad. All of them have a multitude of personal reasons to search for a match in a foreign country. It would not be entirely false to say that beautiful Asian women are looking for a better life. On the other hand, a better life does not necessarily mean more financially secured.

The thing is, even today, most Asian countries remain highly patriarchal. Pre-arranged marriages are still common in certain areas, and stiffening etiquette is another notion most beautiful ladies have to put up with. Simultaneously, no one can deny an active spread of western philosophy, family, and romantic values included. So, most Asian singles are looking for a little bit of romance and a fair attitude — as simple as that.

Why an Asian wife is such a lucky find?

Still, the fact that an average Asian woman is no gold-digger does not imply that you should make her your wife. Her amazing personality and excellent homemaking skills, on the other hand, do. Here is just a quick insight into what a man can expect should he take an Asian wife.

Her attitude to family

An average Asian girl is brought up in the atmosphere of male dominance. This, of course, does not mean that she is a little mousy creature who speaks only when she’s allowed to. However, differently from most western women, Asian brides have a highly serious attitude to families. For them, this is the primary thing that counts in life, and they are ready to work hard for their families’ sake. 

Once again, do not confuse ‘working hard for her family’ with staying in the office for sixteen hours a day. Quite on the contrary, most Asian women see their duty in running a house and taking care of their loved ones; so, they will never prioritize careers over their homes. 

This does not mean that you will have to be the only bread-winner, though. While most Asian societies remain highly traditional in their subdivision of family roles into male and females ones, most Asian girls get a good education and can hold impressive jobs. Chances are, she will easily combine a job and taking care of the house chores — at the very least, until you have children. 

Her patience as a mother

Speaking of children, hot Asian girls turn into the most amazing of mothers. They see raising children as their primary duty, and this is not the kind of job they would delegate to a nanny. So, if you’ve been secretly dreaming of a wife who would put her best effort into raising your kids, this is your chance. If given an opportunity, your Asian wife will put her career on hold to make sure her kids do not lack anything in life. And make no mistake — there will be no complaining or talking about the sacrifices she makes. For her, this is not a sacrifice, but a sacred duty she’ll cherish. 

Her heartwarming homemaking skills

One more thing most Asian brides excel at is running a house. It really does not matter if you have zero kids of five of them, your house will always be clean and tidy. As for the mouth-watering delicacies she cooks for you, this is going to be another skill you’ll cherish. We know Asian cuisine only a little bit, while in reality, the culinary diversity on this continent is astonishing. Even if you’re not a fan of Asian cooking, the chances are — you’ll reconsider your opinion once you taste some of these dishes from a first-hand expert. Plenty of recipes in Asia are passed over generations, and these dishes do not wind up in sushi places or other mainstream Oriental restaurants. 

Her cheerful attitude to life

All of the above skills are impressive enough, but even they cannot compare to Asian women’s cheerful and easy-going personalities. A wife like that is indeed a lucky find because she takes all challenges philosophically. What most western women would see as a hardship (relocating to a new, culturally different country, for instance), an Asian bride sees as an adventure. Even if you are to face certain life challenges, you can stay certain that your wife will always cheer you up with a supporting smile and offer you a hand when you need help. As we’ve already mentioned, families play a huge part in an Asian woman’s mind, so you can always count on a caring and loving partner by your side — that is, if you marry one of the gorgeous Asian mail order brides. 

Top countries to look for Asian brides

We all know that Asian women are hot, but Asia is such a vast continent. So, it would be unwise to reduce all of these gorgeous ladies to the same level. While the values we described above are applicable to most Asian brides, Asian women are very diverse — both culturally and ethically. So, here are just some of the countries that are best for brides hunting, along with distinctive peculiarities of their own. We hope this quick list may point you in the right direction and offer more insight into an Asian beauty’s mind. 

China: this is definitely the most densely populated country in the world, which is why it is not at all surprising that plenty of Asian brides come from China. You may want to consider marrying a Chinese woman if you are looking for someone industrious and well-educated. As you may know, China has been a socialist state for decades, so the education level here is high, and women enjoy a fair degree of equality. So, your bride will unlikely have any difficulty adjusting to a new culture. 

India: here, on the other hand, gender equality is not a thing. In fact, women are still treated horribly in most rural areas. However, even the best Asian dating sites will not connect you to a girl from rural India because Internet connectivity is low, and social stereotypes are high. So, your potential match, ready to marry a foreigner, will most likely come from a very well-off family. A bonus: with Indian girls, the language barrier will never become an issue. Her English might have a British shade and a bit of Indian accent to it, but she will still be fluent in English. Besides, wealthy Indian girls have excellent education and timid tempers — not to mention their seductive beauty. 

South Korea: another highly advanced country you may love when looking for an Asian wife. This is one of the best shots for a single gentleman who would not like to emerge oneself into overwhelming cultural differences. After the Korean War, the South Korean economy was developing rapidly, along with its cultural and economic ties with the US. Simply put, South Korean brides are quite westernized, so cultural shock (for both parties involved) is highly unlikely. 

Malaysia: this is a relatively small state, but the number of Malaysian brides on Asian dating sites is simply astonishing. Tourism plays a great part in the Malaysian economy, so English is very widespread all over the country. The economy is not the strongest, though, and women are often treated as commodities. So, what an average Malaysian girl is looking for is a bit of respect. If you top it up with care and affection, she will love you for life. 

Japan: Japanese women are the aristocrats of Asian mail order brides. This amazing country, with its ancient traditions, has lured men for centuries. While the Japanese remain relatively isolated, no one can deny that this country is a highly advanced one. So, should you have any concerns about gold-digging, this is the ultimate destination for you. An average Japanese woman makes the same cash as you, if not more. However, she may be exhausted with Japanese working hours, which are the craziest around the globe. In Japan, it’s considered rude to go home before your superior, so most experts spend excessively long hours in the office. She might be happy to trade this in for a bit quiet happiness with a man who leaves his workplace before sunset. 

Best Asian dating sites at your service

Asian dating sites are plenty, and anyone can choose something to his liking. The choice of potential dating platforms is as vast as the choice of women and countries. It really does not matter if you are looking for a hot Asian teen or mature woman — there is always a platform that can cater to your needs. The main trick is deciding what it is you want, precisely. Of course, young Asian girls dominate the web. However, the leading online dating demographics is still between 27 and 34 years old, so if you are looking to build a lasting and happy family, you may want to consider someone out of the teen group. Besides, there are plenty of dedicated sites for mature, 45+ audience, which is also a wise decision in certain circumstances.

Making sure the platform is reliable

You probably heard stories about online scams, so you’d want to protect yourself from this. Here are some final pointers that should help you find a decent Asian bride without spending a fortune online.

  • Avoid sites with registration fees: no reputable platform charges registration fees these days. If you see a website that does, this is a blunt attempt to cheat you out of your money. The services of a brides agency are paid for; signing up the site is not.

  • Do not be out off by professional pics: once you sign up for free, you should be able to see a good selection of profiles. You may also notice that these beautiful Asian women obviously had a pro photographer work on their pics. This is another proof of a company’s worth — most sites supply their brides with a free photoshoot so that they could look presentable to the potential grooms.

  • Search for a comprehensive pricing policy: as we already mentioned, dating services have to be paid for. Usually, it means you will pay for communications means (chats, letters, etc.) and additional services (sending gifts, translating messages, etc.), if any. Some other sites will charge a monthly subscription. Whichever you choose, make sure there are no hidden costs — you should know exactly what’s included in the subscription and how much each service costs (if you pay on a per-service basis).
  • Make sure the service takes responsibility for travel and marriage arrangements: finally, a legitimate service should offer more than paid communication with the ladies. You want to meet Asian women for a purpose, and eventually, you’ll want to meet them in person. An agency should offer trip arrangements, as well as legal help with marriage permits should it come to taking your beautiful Asian bride back home. 

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